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The Protocol Office advises government on the handling of local and foreign dignitaries, trains civil servants and other civil society groups in protocol and etiquette, and is working to bring together and modernise existing government procedures in areas of protocol. The Office also organises official events, focusing on the structure of ceremonial occasions and the roles officials play, oversees airport liaison and protocol intervention for travelling dignitaries and owns two sports utility vehicles which it uses to transport local and visiting dignitaries.

Key Staff:

Chief of Protocol - Meloney Syms focuses on official events and visits, protocol research, national symbols and etiquette. also charged with the implementation of protocol guidelines, international compliance, national ceremonies and training. Ms Syms holds a B.A. in Mass Communications and an MSc. in Tourism Studies. Her career path has led her through broadcasting, public relations, tourism and event management. She obtained Protocol Officer's certification from the Protocol School of Washington. Contact:, 244-3612 or 916-2913.


  • Diplomatic Privileges
  • Protocol Guidelines
  • Forms of Address
  • Precedence of Letters after the Name

Event and Site Management

  • Official Funerals
  • Queen’s Birthday
  • Remembrance Day
  • National Heroes Day
  • Constitutional Commencement
  • Arrival and Departure of Governors
  • Heroes’ Square Bookings


Social Media



Meloney Syms (Chief of Protocol)

Derrick Ebanks (Protocol Officer)

Renita Barnes (Protocol Assistant)

Ceremonial Event and Site Management

  • Official Ceremonies

    • National Heroes Day
    • Queen’s Birthday
    • Remembrance Day
  • Official Funerals

    • Policy and List of those entitled
  • Special Meetings and Events

    • New Government Swearing In
    • Departure and Arrival of Governors
    • Royal Visits
  • Heroes Square Bookings


  • Etiquette
  • Protocol

Protocol Guidance

Airport Courtesy

  • VIP Codes
  • Request for Protocol Intervention


Forms and Documents

Last Updated 2020-05-13