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Tel: (345) 244-3606, 244-6624 or 244-3627



The Immigration Appeals Tribunal ("IAT") is established in accordance with the Immigration (Transition) Act (“the Act”), which shall consist of the following members:

  1. A chairperson;
  2. Up to five deputy chairpersons; and
  3. A panel of persons

all of whom shall be appointed by and hold office at the pleasure of the Cabinet.



The Coordinator and the Secretaries of the Appeals Tribunal Secretariat provide administrative and secretarial support to the IAT with the processing of appeals against the decision of the Director of WORC or the Director’s designate under Sections 37, 49 or 56(5) or of a Board other than a decision under Section 20 of the Act.


The IAT holds weekly meetings to hear appeals processed in accordance with the Act.


The majority of the documents held by the Appeals Tribunal Secretariat are exempt under section 23(1) of the FOI Act and Data Protection Act, as releasing applications, minutes and outcomes of meetings and other reports would amount to an unreasonable disclosure of personal information.  Individuals have a statutory right under the FOI Act and Data Protection Act to view their own personal information held by public authorities, and such information may be released to a third party if there is overriding public interest in the disclosure, but FOI and Personal Data requests must be made for these records in all cases and the Information Manager will make a decision on each application.




Morris Garcia

Deputy Chair

Shaun McCann

Deputy Chair

Josephine Habib


Nanalie Cover


Jermaine Sharpe


Derecha Pernix


Demi McLean


Danette Mclaughlin


Philson George


Trisha Cuffy

Sheena Bush

Secretaries [non-voting]


In accordance with Section 18(2) of the Act – “Any member of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, who, without obtaining the prior permission of the chairperson, is absent from more than two out of five consecutive meetings of the Tribunal shall cease to be a member of the Tribunal.”

Last Updated 2022-08-24