THE IMMIGRATION (AMENDMENT)(NO.2) BILL, 2006: Explanatory Notes

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In 2005 the Cabinet appointed a committee called the Immigration Review Team, 2005 (IRT, 2005) under the chairmanship of Mr. David Ritch, Chairman of the Work Permit Board to undertake a review of the Immigration Law 2003. The committee comprised the Chairpersons of the Business Staffing Plan Board and the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board, the Cabinet Secretary, the Chief Immigration Officer, several elected members of the Legislative Assembly and a representative from the Legal Department.

The purpose of the review was both to address a number of anomalies and technical deficiencies that had come to light since the coming into effect of the law in January 2004 and also to create more stringent provisions in relation to immigration offences.

Following the submission of a report by the IRT 2005, the Cabinet appointed a second committee called the Cabinet Committee on Immigration Review to consider the recommendations of the IRT. The Cabinet Committee on Immigration Review comprised all Ministers and Members of Cabinet, the Chairperson's of the Business Staffing Plan Board, the Work Permit Board, the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board, the Chief Immigration Officer and the Cabinet Secretary as Chairman. The review by Cabinet of the recommendations made by the committee is now complete and a significant number of amendments are to be put before the legislature in the form of a Revision of the principal law in the coming weeks. But before doing so the Government is inviting public input in relation to the proposed amendments. To facilitate this exercise this paper summarises and explains the key changes.